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Business Sandwich Platters

We have an extensive range of freshly made sandwich and tortilla wrap fillings. Please select up to 10 fillings of your choice.

Vegetarian fillings - Brie & crimson grape, cream cheese & celery, Cheddar cheese & coleslaw, onion, tomato or salad, egg mayonnaise, egg & cress, houmous salad, chargrilled vegetables and goats cheese, Mozzarella, tomato & pesto, Cheshire cheese & Branston pickle.

Fish and seafood fillings - smoked salmon and cream cheese, prawns in mayonnaise, salmon & cucumber, tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn, red onion, cucumber or salad.

Meat fillings - Wiltshire ham and Branston pickle, boiled ham & tomato, Wiltshire ham and salad, Bacon, lettuce & tomato, Chicken, bacon & stuffing, Chicken, bacon & mayonnaise, Roast Beef & horseradish or red onion, Roast Turkey & cranberry or stuffing, Pastrami & cream cheese, Chorizo and cream cheese.

Poultry fillings - Roast chicken & stuffing, Chicken salad, Cajun chicken. Barbecue chicken, Sweet chilli chicken, Chicken sweetcorn & mayonnaise, Coronation chicken, Char Sui chicken, Chicken Tikka.

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